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It’s time for nonpartisan maps

America is projected to be a majority-minority nation by 2045, but you would never know that if you looked at our legislative maps. Politicians in both parties have systematically carved up communities in a process known as gerrymandering which has enabled them to pick their constituents instead of the other way around. This keeps ineffective leaders in power while also silencing the voices of under-represented people, especially those from black and brown communities.  

The time for change is now! 

We are on a mission to end political gridlock and restore political power to the people by creating fair, nonpartisan maps.




Phillip Thompson

Executive Director

Phillip Thompson has dedicated his entire life to fighting for justice. In the US Marine Corps, he served as a Staff Judge Advocate and then went on to serve in the US Navy Office of the General Council at the US Department of the Interior. In 2014, he was elected President of the Loudoun County, VA NAAAPC and soon after became an Executive Committee member of the Virginia State Conference of the NAACP. Now, as Executive Director of the NBNRO, he will fight for just and fair representation for every citizen in the country.




Michael Futrell


Michael Futrell’s intimate knowledge of the legislative process and his tireless commitment to public service make him the perfect champion for nonpartisan maps. In 2013, Futrell made history as the first person of color to represent Stafford County Virginia in the General Assembly. As a Delegate, Futrell served on numerous committees and commissions, including Finance, Privileges and Elections Committee, Science and Technology Committee, Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission, and the Block Grants Commission. The NBNRO welcomes his leadership and expertise.

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